PSA pricing March updates 2021

PSA Pricing March Updates

By now, you’ve all probably heard that PSA have changed their pricing model. The new pricing model reflects the value added to cards and the high demand for PSA as a service.  It also seems PSA are really trying to get a handle on their current backlog of cards.  As a relatively small submitter to PSA, we have seen the number of cards surge month after month – even after the October pricing model change, our submission numbers continued to increase. We saw new faces come into the office, larger submissions and orders flooding in from all over Australia.

So, what are the PSA pricing March updates?

  • Bulk pricing has increased for all categories in the Value/Economy range:
    • TCG
    • Modern
    • Ultra-Modern
  • The maximum declared value for the Value/Economy range has increased from $199USD to $499USD.
  • The number of cards to access bulk pricing has reduced.
  • Pricing has increased for:
    • Regular
    • Express
    • Super Express
    • Walk-Through
  • Crossover services have temporarily been suspended.
  • Turnaround Times have been replaced with Complete Through Dates (CTD).

How does this impact my order?

All orders placed with Slabd prior to March 1 will not be impacted by the pricing update.  We will also honour all orders placed in February but not received by the deadline at the original pricing.

I had unsubmitted cards in my cart. What happens to those?

If you had unsubmitted orders in your cart from days or weeks ago, these orders will align to the updated pricing when/if placed.

What does Complete Through Date (CTD) even mean?

It is the date PSA have completed orders up to.  The Complete Through Date is based on the date your order was checked-in to PSA’s system for grading.   Example: if your order was checked-in on September 16 and the current complete through date is August 3, the next lot of orders that will be completed are orders that were checked-in on August 4.  There currently is no way to tell how long it is taking PSA to progress through these dates.

Where can I find the Complete Through Dates?

How do the changes impact Slabd?

Going forward, all pricing and services on our page has been updated and all new orders will align to the new pricing model.  Turnaround times for all services are progressively being removed and  Complete Through Dates have replaced turnaround times for all services. In your account we will also begin to remove references to Turnaround Time and replace it with CTDs.  The business day counter in your account will remain as a guide only.

For full details on the updates you can check out the article released by PSA.