PSA suspends grading services until July 1

PSA Suspends Grading Services

PSA have suspended the following grading services: PSA Suspends Grading Services

  • Value – TCG
  • Value – Modern
  • Value – Ultra-Modern
  • Regular
  • Express

When will services resume?

A staggered approach to reintroducing the services will be taken from July 1.

Are PSA still grading cards?

Yes they are.  They are suspending submissions to their services temporarily for the next 3 months.

Why has PSA suspended their most popular services?

The demand for PSA’s service continues to soar, even after remodelling their pricing structure and temporarily suspending many of its services over the last 12 months, it hasn’t helped the number of cards that are flooding in.   So, in order to tackle the growing number of cards sitting in their backlog the only way is to temporarily halt its most popular services.

I already have cards over at PSA, what is going to happen to them?

They are in queue and are still being graded.  You can check your order in My Account for status updates.

I am part of the March submission, will my cards be graded?

Yes.  The March submission was placed prior to the change.  All orders will be honored.

I have just submitted some cards for April submissions, will my cards be graded?

Unless the cards are moved into the Super Express category or above they will not be graded until we have more news from PSA. We will contact you about next steps for your cards.

Can you hold my cards until the next annoucement?

Yes, we can.

How do these changes impact Slabd?

In line with PSA’s temporary suspension we have removed the ability to be able to submit in these categories until further notice.

What will Slabd do in the meantime?

Don’t worry, we have plenty to do here:

  • Submissions are heading back, most notably the first lot of Grade The Goat orders are on their way and we expect to see more of your orders returning over the next few months
  • We are developoing a marketplace for the sale of graded PSA cards
  • We are incorporating live order updates into your account for your submissions
  • 2 new safes totalling 5 tons are being installed next month
  • Mountains of artwork has been designed and is almost ready for new merchandise

Head to the PSA blog if you would like to read their full statement.