Cards and grading

PSA, SGC & BGS will grade most sports and non-sports cards that are classified as regular trading or gaming cards. Unsure if your items are eligible for grading? Get in touch with us.

Good to know

PSA, SGC & BGS will not grade cards that bear evidence of trimming, re-colouring, restoration, or any other forms of tampering, or are of questionable authenticity.

More info: About PSA / About SGC / Services & Pricing

Yes, most Select AFL cards can be graded with PSA, SGC or BGS! Certain AFL cards cannot be graded at this stage, such as short run promotional cards.

No, Slabd do not grade your items, we offer a submission service for grading. You submit your cards to Slabd and then they will be graded by your preferred graded (PSA, SGC or BGS) in the United States. We act as an intermediary between Australian collectors and grading companies by providing a secure, cost-effective streamlined service to get your cards graded.

More info: About Us

Your card can still be graded via our standard services if it is officially autographed, however the autograph itself won’t be. If you need an autograph grade as well, you will need to contact us for this one.

Your unofficially autographed card can be graded, however neither the card nor the autograph grading can be done under the standard services we offer. Please contact us for this service.

No. Slabd does not offer a pre-grading service.

Yes. If you’d like to have your card cleaned and prepared before submission, you can add this service on when you submit your card.  There is a $5 charge for this service.

Please refer to our Services and Pricing guide

You can track the status of your order by going to My Account > Card Grading Orders. You will also be notified by e-mail each time your order status changes.

PSA describe the Declared Value as: ‘…your estimate of the value of the item after it has been assigned a grade by PSA.’

We need you to determine the declared value on your own items before submitting them to us at Slabd.

Please refer to our Declared Value guide for more information

Insurance when you send your order to our office

We leave this up to you – but we highly recommend it. It’s important to note that the insurance included in your grading fee does NOT cover the initial transit of your ungraded cards from you to our office. Unfortunately, we are unable to organise this on your behalf.

For this part of the journey, we strongly suggest you arrange transit insurance and use a freight service with track and trace options and a signature required upon arrival at our end. It is your responsibility to ensure your cards arrive at the Slabd office safely.

Insurance for the rest of the journey

We’ve got this covered as part of your all-inclusive grading fee. Once your cards are received at the Slabd office, they are automatically covered by our end-to-end insurance. This means your cards are insured up to their declared amount, from the moment they reach us until they arrive safely back to you, graded and slabbed. Please Note: Domestic insurance is capped at $10,000AUD per parcel and is included free of charge with your grading fees.

Sometimes a card can’t be graded if PSA, SGC or BGS are unable to verify the details provided. Should this arise we will work to resolve the issue with the grading company. If no resolution can be reached, your card will be returned, and no charge incurred.

However, if the “No Grade” term is used when an item cannot be graded for one of the following reasons:

  • Trimming
  • Restoration
  • Recoloration
  • Questionable Authenticity
  • Altered
  • Cleaning

Your card will be returned not encapsulated, and the full grading fee is still charged, as the determination to reject a card requires review by PSA, SGC or BGS authenticators and graders.

If you have submitted your card through Slabd we will arrange for your card to be placed in a new holder or label corrected at no cost. If you have submitted your card through another provider there is a $25 administration fee.

We recently introduced a $1 / per card handling fee. This fee is to help cover the costs associated with shipping your card to and from the US.

Orders and shipping/delivery

Please follow the Packing Guidelines

No, none of the protective material you used will be returned.

No, unfortunately we can’t add cards to an order once it has been submitted. However, you can submit a separate order and ship it to us in the same package. Just make sure you include the Order IDs for each submission.

Refer to our Submission Guide for more troubleshooting tips.

Ground Floor
60 Waymouth Street

Yes, you can, our office hours are 10am – 3pm Monday to Friday. You can also make an appointment.

Find us at

Ground Floor
60 Waymouth Street

Your cards will be stored in our secure building (equipped with a monitored alarm and 24/7 security surveillance) and locked away in a 1 ton bank grade fire proof safe.

Cards need to arrive at our office by the due date stated in your submission confirmation e-mail. If you’d like to know what the due dates are you can check the Pricing & Shipping Dates page and click View Shipping Dates – these dates are also available on the card submission form.

We will securely store your order in the Slabd office safe, for inclusion in the next shipment.

Grading duration is dependent on the grader and the service you opt for. To get an idea of turnaround times with PSA, SGC or BGS view our pricing page.

Find out more

We know you liked to stay informed, so for peace of mind we will notify you every step of the way. You will be notified when:

  • Your order is submitted to Slabd
  • Your order is received at the Slabd office
  • Your order is in transit to the grader
  • Grader receives your order for grading
  • Grading progress updates
  • Your graded order is returned to Slabd
  • Your graded order is in transit to you

*Notifications for BGS services are limited when compared to PSA and SGC.

You can update your address by going to My Account > Addresses. This will only update your address for future orders. If you have a pending order you will need to contact us with your Order ID to update your order address

No, the graders will assign your item a grade, using their 10-point scale.

No, PSA, SGC and BGS will only assign your item a grade, using their 10-point scale.

No, the tamper-resistant casing is what guarantees the grade, so it’s not possible to have a grade assigned without encapsulating the item.

Yes, you can, however you will still be charged at the same service price as a graded card.

Absolutely. Our customers live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and everywhere in between.

Simply login to submit your cards and post to us.

Yes. New Zealand.

You can pay for your grading fees via PayPal’s Pay in 4 with no interest and no late fees! All you need to do is select PayPal as your payment option and Pay in 4 as your payment method.

Slabd Slabbing Service

Adelaide, South Australia.

We offer a maximum insurance of A$149 / per card

5 days or less (likely a lot less)

Any standard sized TCG (Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon..etc) or trading card (Sport, Non-Sport, Entertainment) card.

At the moment we are encasing cards for protection.

We can’t do those yet.

Just scan the QR code on the back of your card.

Not at this stage. We are offering super quick turnaround times, so printing card data isn’t an option.

Shipping Services

Pretty much anything! Predominantly we are shipping trading cards, and that includes: Raw, Graded and Sealed Boxes.

There are a few reasons you might choose us to ship your items:

  1. Included insurance for domestic and international parcels
  2. Cheaper shipping rates
  3. Save time
  4. No paper work



Any item that has been certified by PSA, BGS, SGC or CGS/CGC. These items can be apparised online by uploading photos and by providing the authentication detials.

Yes, contact us. Generally you’ll need to bring these items in to the Slabd office for inspection.

A$39 / per item

We can determine the replacement cost for your item which can be submitted to your insurance company for either insuring or compensation.

For insurance purposes it’s a good idea to have your item appraised every 3 – 4 years.

Not really.  The appraisal is intended for insurance purposes only.

We will provide you with a digitally signed pdf file.

No. The purpose of this service is to provide our own opinion on the value of your item.


Card consignment is where you ask a provider to sell your cards for you.

There are a few reasons you would consign your cards:

  • Save time
  • Save on fees
  • Access a large audience via social media and mailing list
  • Access our insurance

Currently, we are accepting any graded cards.

There are 2 fees you will need to pay when consigning your cards:

  • Listing fee ($2.50 / per card)*
  • Final value fee (10%)**

The final value fee is the amount you have sold your card for. Example, if your card sells for $500 you will pay 10% on this amount.

*If you have graded your card with us and are consigning it on return, the listing fee is $0.

**If the sale of your card is over $50,000 the final value fee will drop to 6%.  The minimum consignment fee is $3.50.




The beauty about consigning your cards is you don’t have to do anything other than get your cards to us – we’ll do the rest.  This includes:

  • Photographing your card(s)
  • Writing up descriptions of your card(s)
  • Listing your card(s) on our site
  • Listing your card(s) on MySlabs
  • Promoting your card(s) on social media
  • Liasing with all potential buyers
  • Packaging and sending your card(s) to the buyer after sale
  • Insuring your cards

You can end your consignment at any time. If you end your consignment within 90 days of the listing term there is a small fee. You can use the cancel consignment form to request a cancellation.

Easy! If your card has been graded with us, just go into your order and press the Sell button. Note: you will need to reveal the grade of your card before you can see the Sell button.

Yes. The online form for that will be available soon. In the meantime you can contact us and we will provision the listing for you.

No problem. If you have sold your card somewhere else within the 90 day listing term you will need to use the cancel consignment form to end your listing.  You can even have your card shipped to the buyer from the cancellation form too!


A break is where a group of people participate in opening a pack, box or case of cards.

Yes. There are many ways a break can be conducted, some of the most popular ways are:

  • Random team assignment
  • Random pack assignment
  • Pick your team
  • Pick your pack
  • Pick your player

When a break is random, you will have to the opportunity to pick a number, sometimes know as a spot or slot. The number you pick will be randomly assigned to a team or pack.

The number of participants is dictated by the product and the type of break. For example, if the break type is random team assignment and the product is Select AFL Footy Stars, then 18 people can participate as there are 18 teams.


As the total cost of the break is split amongst all the participants, it gives you a chance to get your hands on many types of cards that you may normally be able to afford.

The way to particiate in a break is to purchase a spot or team on the Slabd website before they sell out.

A break can only happen when all spots have been filled.

When a break is filled you will receive a notification.

Breaks are live streamed to YouTube.

Yes, you can watch the break after the fact.  Head to our YouTube channel.

We will ship your cards within 5 business days.

Yes. Every parcel will include a maximum insurance limit of $5000AUD per shipment at no extra charge to you.

There are no extra charges for shipping. The shipping cost is included in the break fee.

Your cards will be sent to the shipping address in your account via Australia Post or Sendle.

Sure can!  Just fill in the Submit My Cards form and we’ll take care of the rest.