Due Dates

Use the page to help you work out when cards are due at the Slabd office for grading. Generally PSA cards are due on the first Monday of every month and SGC are due on the second Monday of every month.
Month Grading Company Due By
Jun-22 PSA 04/07/2022
Jun-22 SGC 11/07/2022
Jul-22 PSA 01/08/2022
Jul-22 SGC 08/08/2022
Aug-22 PSA 05/09/2022
Aug-22 SGC 12/09/2022
Sep-22 PSA 03/10/2022
Sep-22 SGC 10/10/2022
Oct-22 PSA 07/11/2022
Oct-22 SGC 14/11/2022
Nov-22 PSA 05/12/2022
Nov-22 SGC 12/12/2022
Dec-22 PSA 16/01/2023
Dec-22 SGC 23/01/2023
Jan-23 PSA 06/02/2023
Jan-23 SGC 13/02/2023
Feb-23 PSA 06/03/2023
Feb-23 SGC 13/03/2023
Mar-23 PSA 03/04/2023
Mar-23 SGC 10/04/2023
Apr-23 PSA 01/05/2023
Apr-23 SGC 08/05/2023
May-23 PSA 05/06/2023
May-23 SGC 12/06/2023
Jun-23 PSA 03/07/2023
Jun-23 SGC 10/07/2023

Please note: these PSA and SGC dates may change from time to time. Check back regularly.

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