Slabd - Simple, Secure, Transparent

At Slabd, we take pride in being Australia’s fully-insured, completely transparent, and easy-to-use collector card grading service.

Here’s how we make your collector card grading Simple, Secure, Transparent.

  • Slabd – Simple
  • Slabd – Secure
  • Sladd – Transparent

Slabd – Simple

At Slabd, simply submit your card with a few clicks of a button in our secure login portal.

Through the secure portal you can track your card every step of the way until you receive your Slabd and secure PSA-graded card.

We’ll send you automatic email updates as your card progresses along the way.

We also track your card in our Parcel Manager, helping to avoid delays so we can post it off to be graded as soon as we send our next order.

Slabd – Secure

At Slabd, the security and protection of your card is our highest priority.

That’s why at Slabd, we’re Australia’s only fully-insured collector card grading service.

This means as soon as your card is delivered to us personally in our securely-monitored commercial premises, you’re insured and covered straight away.

We also ensure the highest levels of bank-grade security storage to ensure your card’s protected while in our possession.

Located in the CBD Country Fire Service building, you can rest assured our premises meets the strictest commercial building fire safety requirements, helping to provide maximum protection of your card.

Slabd – Transparent

We digitally scan all cards when we receive them, meaning you can review your card image in our secure login portal so you know it reached us in the condition you sent it.

As well as being able to track your card at every step, you can find out your card grade instantly as soon as PSA has completed their assessment.

You can also review your PSA grading label to check everything’s in order, avoiding inconvenience if a rare human error occurred.

Of course, we know some people like surprises, so it’s up to you if you want to find out or wait to unwrap your graded card when we post it back to you.

Thanks for choosing to have your collector card graded with Slabd – Simple, Secure, Transparent.