Packing Guidelines

Dropping off your cards to us in person at the Slabd office?

Follow Steps 2 – 3 below.

Sending your cards via courier or post?

Follow Steps 1 – 7 below.

Before you jump into the Packing Guidelines we recommend the following items:

  • Penny Sleeves
  • Card Savers (hard plastic covers)
  • Top Loaders – for thicker cards such as memorabilia cards
  • Team Bags – (optional) for cards in top loaders or more valuable cards
  • 2 pieces of cardboard that are slightly larger than your cards
  • Rubber bands
  • Packaging Material (Bubble Wrap, Padded Bag, Styrofoam or Shredded Paper)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Shipping Box (recommended) or Padded Mail Bag

Do not use hard acrylic snap cases, one touch or screw down holders

Avoid using sticky tape to secure your cards together. Also, refrain from using sticky tape to fasten down your top loaders or card savers.


Slabd Packaging Assets 09 (3)

(Optional) Print your order summary and shipping label.

Your order summary and shipping label can be found in My Account > Card Grading Orders > {order number} > View.

Use the Print Summary button to print off your order.

Use the Print Shipping Label button to print off your label.


Slabd Packaging Assets 10

Insert each card into its own penny sleeve.

Note: for your records, we recommend taking pictures of your cards before packing them. We will provide you with card scans once they arrive.


Slabd Packaging Assets 11

Insert penny sleeved card into a card saver (preferred), or use a top loader. Thicker cards can be placed in either a card saver or top loader.

Note: for top loaders and more valuable penny-sleeved cards you may wish to take the additional step of inserting the item into a team bag. This will minimise movement during travel.


Slabd Packaging Assets 07

Stack your cards in the order they appear on your order summary (first card on top, last card on the bottom of the pile).

Write your Order ID Number on the cardboard.

Sandwich all your cards in between the two cardboard pieces with the Order ID on the outside.


Slabd Packaging Assets 03

Hold your cards together with a rubber band, but not too tight. It should be tight enough to hold the two cardboard pieces together and prevent the cards from falling out.


Slabd Packaging Assets 06

Protect you cards with your packaging material.

Place your protected cards into your shipping box. Ensure there is enough packing material to prevent your cards from moving around during shipment. (Optional) Include your printed order summary.

Note: You can use a padded bag, however we recommend a box for maximum protection.



Arrange postage and insurance via you preferred providers for the journey to Slabd.

Once you have posted your package to us, if you have a tracking number you can submit it in My Account > Card Grading Orders > {your order number} > View and we will track your package.