Sell My Cards

Sell My Cards

Use this form if you would like to sell your cards on consignment. This form is meant for cards that you haven't graded through Slabd. If you'd like to sell a card that you have graded with us, just log into your original order and hit the Sell button. There is no listing fee for cards you've previously graded with us.

What are the fees:

  • Listing fee - A$2.50 / per card
  • Consignment fee is 10% or A$3.50 whichever is higher
What's included:
  • Identifying and describing your card(s)
  • Photographing your card(s)
  • Listing your card(s) on our site
  • Listing your card(s) on 3rd party platforms*
  • Promoting your card(s) on social media
  • Liasing with all potential buyers
  • Packaging and sending your card(s) to the buyer after sale
  • Insuring your cards
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