Complete Through Dates

Service Level Complete Through Date
Walk-Through 19/01/2022
Super Express 17/01/2022
Express 13/12/2021
Regular - $49.95 COMPLETED
Reholder 11/01/2022
Collectors Club Vouchers 09/12/2021
Value - Ultra Modern 02/02/2021
Value - Modern 01/02/2021
Value - Vintage 31/01/2021
Value - TCG 31/01/2021
Quarterly Specials 02/02/2021
Last Updated: 26/01/2022 09:01:15

These dates describe where PSA have completed orders up to.

You can use these dates to:

  • See how close your order is to completion by comparing the Complete Through Date with your Checked-In date within your order.
  • Gauge how long it may take to complete an order if you are placing one.