PSA decrease Express price effective immediately!

PSA decrease Express price

As PSA continue to churn through their backlog and are now consistantly grading 35,000 cards per day, they are now able to accept more new orders.

How much did the PSA Express service cost?

$329.95 / per card

How much does the PSA Express service cost now?

$254.95 / per card

When does the new price come into affect?


Has the Super Express price decreased?

No, the Super Express service remains unchanged.

Why did PSA decrease the Express price?

PSA have reached a huge mileston and have annouced they are now grading approximatley 35,000 cards per day! With their increased capacity, they are now able to accept more new orders.

How long will Express orders take to complete?

You can always check where PSA are at with their open orders at by their Complete Through Dates. However, we should expect to see the Express service to complete within 30 business days.

What if I’ve just completed a sumission?

If you have just completed a submission for August or September you will be eligible for this new pricing! We’ll credit your account with the difference. There is nothing you need to do.

Head to the PSA site if you would like to read their full statment.

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