Regular PSA submissions to return this December

Regular PSA submissions to return this December

By now you may have heard that PSA have opened up the Regular service level to some dealers in the US and they are now planning on opening up the Regular to everyone else this month – which sounds exciting, but there are some limitations.

What are the limitation?

PSA will introduce a daily lottery system which will allocate a number of cards we can submit in one submission.

How can you be selected for the lottery submission?

We haven’t seen how the system will work yet, but from what we understand PSA will notify us if we have been picked to place a submission.

What is the maximum number of cards you can submit if successful?


Will Slabd have a dedicated amount of submissions spots like US dealers?

At this stage, no.

When will PSA lauch this lottery system?

Next week.

How will I know if Slabd has some spots available for submission?

We will update our socials and send out notifications.

I want to use one of your allocated spots, how can I do this?

It will be first in best dressed, so keep your eyes peeled!

If Slabd dosen’t use all of the submissions spots, will they accrue over the month?

No, if the spots are not filled they will be forfeited. PSA will also exclude us from for future lotteries if spots are not filled within their given timeframe.

What is the maximum declared value for the Regular service?


Will Slabd send my order to PSA as soon as it’s received?

We won’t be able to send your cards as soon as we receive it, but they will go out with our normal shipments at the end of the month. To view our timelines, head to our pricing & shipping dates page.

Is the lottery system going to remain in place forever?

It is pretty hard to say, but we think it will remain this way for somtime and is a neccessary measure in order to control the amount of cards coming into PSA.

Head to the PSA site if you would like to read their full statment.