Getting your Pokémon cards graded can increase their value

Getting your Pokémon cards graded can increase their value

The Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) has become a force to be reckoned with within the TCG space; its influence has reached beyond anything the Pokemon company would have thought of. The Pokemon TCG became the talk of the town just recently when big celebrities like Logan Paul has started buying first edition Pokemon cards and getting them graded.

This has caused a frenzy in the Pokemon community with TCG players and collectors now wanting to get their cards graded for protection and profits. It’s a known fact that graded cards go for higher prices than un-graded cards, so if you have a bunch of cards lying around, should you grade them? And, what difference does grading a card make? If you want learn more about that topic, have a look at our blog post – to grade or not to grade.

Your card’s value can go up if you have a good grade, but you can also lose money if you have a poorly graded card, it’s a double-edged sword, and we have some techniques that will help you to choose a card to grade smartly. So, how should you choose which Pokemon cards should be graded?

How to choose Pokemon cards to grade?

You’ll have to send your card to a grading company like, PSA, SGC or BGS. Learn more about how we can help you with our services here.

Some things to consider when grading your cards is the time and cost, so choosing your cards wisely for grading is essential. Here are a few things that might help:

  • The card’s condition should be good, almost mint; if not, the card won’t get a good grade, and you can potentially lose money if you are grading to resell your card
  • See if you can make a profit; if the card’s cost + the grading costs will be less than the amount you can sell your card for, then you can turn a profit.
  • The card should prefrebly be rare and/or have considerable hype surrounding it

Recommended cards to grade from recent releases

Here are some cards we recommend grading if you have them:

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