Combined Shipping Now Available

Combined Shipping Now Available

Good news for those that can’t come in and pick up their graded cards.  We’ve been able to add a feature that will allow you to combine your orders into one shipping parcel. This option is useful, if:

  • you’re not in a rush to get your cards back
  • you’re looking to save some money on shipping
  • you’ve had to split up your grading orders into different services

I want to place a new order, how do I combine my shipping with an existing order?

Easy! All you need to do is submit your card as you usually would, and if you have an existing open order you’ll see the Combine Shipping option in the Shipping Options section of the form.


Now just select an open order from the dropdown menu. Your new order will be combined with the order you selected.

Combine Shipping Select Order

In the above example you can see the order selected, the dropdown shows the:

  • order number
  • grading company
  • service
  • number of cards in the order

Can I combine orders from different grading companies?

Yes! If you’ve sent cards to a combination of companies (BGS, PSA, SGC) we can combine all your shipments into one when they return.

Will it take longer to receive my cards if I combine shipping?

It will take as long as your slowest order. So, if you are in a rush you will need to purchase shipping for your new order.

Does it cost anything to combine my orders?

There is a small handling charge calculated at the checkout. The handling charge will cover some of the costs involved in storing your cards, insurance and extra postage costs.

Number of cards Cost
2 $2
4 $4
8 $6
12 $8
16 $10
20 $15

Will my combined shipment be insured?

They sure will.  We can cover your parcel up-to A$10,000.

What if my parcel is over A$10,000?

If you are comfortable using a Australia Post with the A$10,000 limit – you still can. However, in these cases we’d recommend a secure delivery. The cost of secure delivery starts at A$150, distance and weight will impact the pricing, simply contact us if you’d like to arrange this.

You can read more about our services here.