Check ou this limited-time PSA Bulk Grading Special for all TCG cards, available Australia-wide through to May 28 2024.

Grading Price and Minimum Order: For just $26.95 per card, you can take advantage of our PSA Grading Special. Please note that a minimum order of 5 cards is required to qualify for this deal.

Online Exclusive: To make the process convenient for you, this special offer is available exclusively for online orders. You can submit your cards via the free DIY form (data entry & login required) or you can pay a small fee and quickly & simply submit your cards via the Submit My Cards form.

Declared Value Limit: We understand the importance of catering to collectors with a broad range of cards. Therefore, this special applies to cards with a declared value of $99 or less. It’s an opportunity for collectors with cards spanning various TCGs, including but not limited to Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Digimon, and many more.

Turnaround Time: We value your time and commitment to your collection. Our turnaround time for the May PSA Grading Special is set at 90 business days.

All TCG Cards Accepted: No need to worry about exclusions – we welcome all TCG cards under this special offer. Whether you’re a Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, One Piece or Digimon enthusiast, or if you collect cards from any other TCG, this special is designed for you.

Upcharge Details: While we strive to keep costs low and accessible, there are a few exceptions. An upcharge will be applied to cards exceeding the declared value limit. For example, if your card is valued at $500, you will be charged up to the Value service which has a fee of $44.95. Additionally, any GEM MT 10 card valued below $199 will incur an upcharge, capped at a discounted TCG Bulk Rate of $31.95. View upcharge examples below.

Understanding Upcharges: An upcharge is essentially the additional amount you pay when the service requirements exceed the initial paid amount.  An upcharge is the difference between your initial payment and the new service charge.  If you happen to incur an upcharge fee they are invoiced at the end of the grading service.

Additional Charges for PSA Grading Special

In our commitment to transparency and providing you with the best possible service, it’s essential to inform you about additional charges associated with this PSA Grading Special. These charges are designed to cover specific costs related to handling, export, import, and data entry. Here are the details:

  1. Handling Fee:
    • A handling fee of $1.25 per card applies to each card submitted for the PSA Grading Special. This fee helps cover the export and import costs associated with sending your cards to and from PSA. We want to ensure that your cards are handled with the utmost care throughout the grading process, and this fee contributes to a smooth and secure transit.
  2. Data Entry Fee (Submit My Cards form & Instore Submissions):
    • When utilising the convenient “Submit My Cards” form, a data entry fee of $2 per card will be applied to your order. This fee covers the cost of processing and entering the necessary information for your cards, streamlining the submission process for your convenience. To avoid this fee you can use the free DIY form.
  3. Upcharge Example
    • Initial Grading Service Fee: $26.95
    • Upcharge Fee: $5.00
    • New Discounted Grading Service Fee: $33.95 $31.95
  4. Upcharge Administration Fee
    • Any upchrage beyond the TCG Bulk service will incur an additional $5 /card fee.

Total Cost Breakdown for PSA Grading Special Submission Forms

To ensure complete clarity on the costs associated with the submission process for our PSA Grading Special, we’ve outlined the total expenses based on the different forms available and where your card is not a GEM MT 10 or valued over $199:

  1. DIY Form:
    • PSA Grading Special Fee: $26.95 per card
    • Handling Fee: $1.25 per card
    • Total Cost per Card: $28.20
  2. Submit My Cards Form & Instore Submission:
    • PSA Grading Special Fee: $26.95 per card
    • Handling Fee: $1.25 per card
    • Data Entry Fee: $2.00 per card
    • Total Cost per Card: $30.20

Ready to submit your cards? Visit the Submit My Cards link to get started!