• Textured PU Leather Finish: Premium look and feel a touch of luxury without the price tag. Times are tough!
  • Durable Steel Zip Closure: The steel zip closure will make sure the binder safegaurds your cards, protecting them from dust, wear, and potential damage.
  • Side Loading Premium Pockets (360 slots): The side loading design makes it easy to insert and remove cards, while the 360 individual slots offer ample space for a large card collection.
  • Polyester Felt Inside Cover:  The use of polyester felt on the inside cover adds an extra layer of protection and a soft surface that helps prevent scratching or damage to the cards.
  • Archival Safe – PVC and Acid-Free Pockets:  This means the binder is designed to protect the cards from deterioration over time. PVC and acid-free pockets prevent chemicals from leaching into the cards, ensuring their long-term preservation.